Forum Objectives

This public forum brings together individuals from across the wide spectrum of sectors and disciplines who can ensure that Sonoma County remains vibrant and resilient in a changing climate.  Attendees will learn how to make their work decision-making climate smart, share what they have learned with others, and explore new and innovative approaches for adapting to climate change.

Join us as we discuss the diverse challenges facing Sonoma County and bring together leading voices on how to respond effectively.

  1. Explore climate change impacts in Sonoma County and Northern California
  2. Engage across sectors to explore integrated adaptation approaches
  3. Strategize to improve the resilience of the most vulnerable communities and community assets
  4. Support on-the-ground solutions through exchanging examples, case studies, strategies, tools and lessons-learned about incorporating climate change adaptation into your own thinking
  5. Develop a roadmap for climate readiness/resilience/adaptation in Sonoma County by connecting the dots between what’s needed, what we have in place and what’s missing, and what each of us can do

Why Adaptation? What is Adaptation?

Every day, more people wake up to the realization of how severely the changing climate is affecting, and will affect, our lives, our economy, our health, and our environment. The prospect of unprecedented droughts, floods, crop failures, wildfires, and public health emergencies caused by a rapidly changing climate is frightening. The solution must include urgent steps to burn much less fossil fuel. But we must also prepare our communities for the coming crises. That preparation is called climate adaptation. It turns out that getting prepared for climate change brings a host of other benefits that help our community, the natural world, and our society thrive.